Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a frequently encountered clinical symptom and presents with a wide variety of illnesses. The acupuncturist will select specific acupuncture points depending on the type of abdominal pain you present with.

  1. Acute Stomach Pain
    Symptoms: Quick onset, the pain is easily relieved by rubbing the belly or pressing the acupuncture points Stomach 36 and PC6.
  2. Weak Digestive System
    Symptoms:  Frequent incidents of acid reflux with discomfort, unhappy after eating, frequent avoidance of specific foods, worse with stress and better with acupuncture.
  3. Food Causes Stomach Pain
    Symptoms: Pain or discomfort after eating, gas and bloating, acid reflux.
  4. Emotions Cause Stomach Pain
    Symptoms: Joy, anger, grief, stress, worry and/or fear disrupting digestive function.
  5. Point Specific Pain
    Symptoms: The pain is long lasting and is felt at a specific location on the abdomen. This condition requires a medical evaluation and can be serious.

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