I have treated hormone related acne very successfully with acupuncture. Because hormone imbalances can  cause acne, it should not be a surprise that acupuncture alone can help to resolve this condition. As you can see from the pattern names below, most acne outbreaks occur during changes in hormone levels.

Stress Acne
Stress can cause an imbalance in hormone levels. Symptoms of this pattern include irritability, PMS, tightness of the shoulders, anger, insomnia, and other stress related symptoms.

Puberty Acne
This pattern of acne can occur anytime between the ages of 14 to 28 and has to do with natural increases in hormone levels. Sometimes these changes create an imbalance and cause a severe outbreak of acne.

Pregnancy Acne
Pregnancy acne can occur during and after pregnancy as the body adjusts to changes in hormone levels.

Menopause Acne
Acne in or around menopause is common, because the kidneys have aged allowing for increase of FSH in the blood stream. This increase in FSH subsequently causes a decline in estrogen. This imbalance in hormone levels causes sweating, which releases hormones onto the skin which causes acne.

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