Acupuncture Face Lifts

This web page provides information about the traditional acupuncture face life.  The recommended course of treatment for the acupuncture face lift is 5 to 10 weeks. We combine our face lifts with facials and other modalities to restore beautiful skin tone.

Acupuncture Face Lifts

  • Adds vitality
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Clearer-looking skin
  • Has a lifting effect
  • Leaves skin feeling supple

I have listed a number of articles about the acupuncture facelift below for easy reference.

1. NY Times, Hold the Chemicals, Bring on the Needles By NORA ISAACS

2. WebMD – The NEW FACE LIFT The article asserts that acupuncture will help you to feel “– and look younger — by improving your energy from the inside out,” By Carol Sorgen

3. Reuters, Women turn to acupuncture for “nonsurgical facelift”
Ten years ago, the alternative was fillers. Now, 10 years after, people are looking for alternatives to  fillers. This is the only treatment that would be as effective,” said Shali Rassouli, a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine and a specialist in cosmetic acupuncture. By Claire Sibonney

4. Vouge,  Maggie Betts is OBSESSED: Facial Acupuncture
Nothing compares to the bizarre effectiveness of her mysterious facials: She sticks a tiny needle along literally every wrinkle and would-be wrinkle on my face, and, pouf!, they’re gone, never to be heard from again (not so far, at least).

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