Acupuncture is used clinically for the treatment of chronic asthma. The acupuncturist will focus on treating the underlying cause of the asthma.  The objective of our treatment is to prevent future occurrences of this illness. In Chinese medicine the lungs are associated with the metal Gold. This symbolizes that the lungs are precious like gold and to be protected at all cost. So always cover your mouth and nose when exposed to extreme weather, dust, fire, smoke…protect what is precious, protect your lungs.

Common Cold triggers Asthma
Spring and fall when common colds are most frequent. Patients with a history of Asthma start to have more difficulty breathing. First we must treat the cold and prevent the illness from invading the lungs. We will then focus on boosting the immune system to lower your chances of catching colds in the future. Symptoms for this pattern are those typically seen with common cold combined with wheezing and shortness of breath.

Asthma, Weight, Life Style, Food Allergies
In Chinese medicine the respiratory system has an intimate relationship with the digestive system because they both are needed for the body to process energy; the digestive systems processes calories and the lungs facilitate the transportation of oxygen. A patient with Asthma who also eats badly or has food allergies will become fatigued very easily.

A week digestive system and/or poor eating habits will allow phlegm to accumulate in the body. In Chinese medicine there is an old saying “the digestive system creates phlegm and the lungs store the phlegm.” Certain foods can contribute to the creation of dampness in the body.  Symptoms of phlegm include being overweight, coughing up phlegm that is yellow or clear, fatigue and/or a feeling of being heavy, and wheezing with a crackling sound.

Weakness of the Lung
This condition presents as a true weakness in the lung organ itself. With this pattern we may see symptoms of shortness of breath, weak sounding voice, sweating, wheezing, and fatigue. The patient may have no other symptoms or conditions except those related to the respiratory system.

Lung & Kidney Asthma
I have seen this condition more frequently then “Weakness of the Lung”, defined above, but the pathology is too complicated to be explained on a web site. The organs involved include both the lungs and kidneys. The symptoms may include wheezing, aching lower back and knees, asthma which started during childhood, sweating and other kidney symptoms.

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