Fees & Insurance

  1. New Patient Special
    Our first visit fee is $60. This fee covers your evaluation, treatment and verification of insurance benefits if needed.
  2. Insurance – We will process claims for any carrier that pays appropriately and timely.  Our job is to provide health care!
    VA Choice – Patient responsibility fee $25
    AETNA – Patient responsibility fee $40
    CIGNA – Patient responsibility fee $20-$40
    United Health Care – Patient responsibility fee $20-$40
    Blue Cross Blue Shield – Patient responsibility fee $55
  3. Patient Responsibility Fee
    This is the fee you pay each visit with the exception of the first visit. We will process your insurance claims  and once we start receiving payment from your insurance carrier the normal
    co-payment will be accepted.
  4. Packages for Self-Pay Patients
    3 Visit Package
    5 Visit Package
    10 Visit Package
  5. Memberships
    We offer a month to month membership and an annual membership.  Memberships are perfect for everyone including patients with preexisting conditions,  high deductibles, HSA and those who enjoy the health benefits of acupuncture and massage therapy.
  6. Health Savings Accounts
    Patients can use their health savings account (HSA) to pay for their office visits.
  7. House Call
    The patient fee for an acupuncture or massage therapy house call is $180.
  8. Cancellation Policy
    We have a $45 no show fee so please let us  know if you can’t make your appointment.  We have a waiting list and can treat another patient.    Thank you for calling.
  9. Credit Cards
    Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard accepted
  10. No Fault & Workers Compensation cases welcome


Please call our answering service to schedule an appointment or use our online scheduling system.  Our online scheduling system can be used to complete your first visit form and to enter your insurance information.

Thank you for visiting Acupuncture Connecticut we proudly serve  Orange, Milford, West Haven, New Haven, Stratford, Bridgeport, Fairfield, and surrounding Connecticut areas.


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