During my carrier I have helped to create 72 babies with acupuncture.Treatments for infertility are gentle, and relaxing. We recommend that patients
seeking reproductive assistance receive 2-3 acupuncture treatments monthly until
pregnant. No treatment is required during the week of your menstrual cycle.

Because I have treated many infertile patients while working with medical fertility specialists, I can say with confidence that the women treated at my office produced more eggs and eggs of higher quality.

Patients Combining Acupuncture with Assisted Reproductive Therapy (IVF, Insemination).
We also recommend 2-3 treatments monthly until retrieval or insemination. On the day of your transfer or insemination you will have 2 treatments, 1 immediately before and 1 immediately after the reproductive therapy is performed by your OBGYN.

IVF is a time sensitive procedure that requires you have the ability to contact me.  Prior to your retrieval date, you will be given a cell phone number so you can easily coordinate treatment on transfer day.  I have treated many IVF patients on Sunday, so don’t worry, I am part of your reproductive team.

Few women present with a single pattern or health condition. The majority of women treated at my office have other health issues that I will need to address. When evaluating your health status we will ask many questions about your menstrual cycle.  The classic patters and symptoms of menstrual irregularities from Chinese Medicine perspective are as follow:

Blood Deficiency Infertility
Symptoms include light period, skinny body type, amenorrhea, hair loss, soft nails, dry skin, and some cold symptoms.

Emotional Stagnation
Symptoms include pain with period, PMS symptoms, irritability, anger, depression, feeling of having a lump in throat, sighing.

Painful Period
Symptoms include sharp pain before or during period, history of endometriosis anywhere in the body.

Dampness Accumulation with or without Heat Symptoms

Symptoms include irregular periods, overweight, feeling of heaviness, nausea, oily skin, white or colored vaginal discharge.

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