Insomnia is  commonly treated with acupuncture. Patients seeking treatment for insomnia frequently suffer from ether a deficiency condition or repletion condition or a combination of both.

An excellent example of a deficiency sleep pattern, for anyone who has cared for an infant, is a baby wakes up every few hours to eat.  This is a deficiency condition. The baby needs calories.  Another excellent example of a deficiency sleep pattern is seen during menopause.  A woman in menopause has a deficiency of estrogen. This deficiency interrupted sleep due to heat symptoms caused by the deficiency.

An example of a repletion sleep disorder is when a person is unable to sleep because they are worried about work, school, or other issue keeping them from sleeping.

Stress Insomnia
People under a lot of stress frequently experience insomnia, irritability, fatigue, sighing frequently, red eyes, tightness of the throat, and digestive disorders.

Night Sweating Insomnia
Seen commonly with Menopause, this patient may have kidney yin deficiency symptoms including tinnitus, hot hands and feet, night sweating, depression, and fatigue.

Digestive System Weakness or Anemia
Symptoms include insomnia, easily woken, sensitive to an increase or decrease in carbohydrates intake, recent surgery or blood loss, and possibly heart disease.

Fear Insomnia
Symptoms include insomnia and may include frequent dreaming, wake from sleep frightened, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and not feeling safe in one’s own home.

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