PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is relatively easy condition for acupuncturists to treat. Patients usually require 2 visits a month until their first symptom free menstrual cycle. After two normal menstrual cycles one treatment every other month should be sufficient to keep your system in balance. Obviously some patients need fewer visits and some patients need a greater number of visits.

A woman’s endocrine system is complex and can be easily pushed out of balance by changes in weather patterns, temperature fluctuations, humidity, stress levels, body weight changes, food choices, medication, and many other common events that disrupt the body’s normal balance.

Stress PMS
A stressful life style can cause painful periods, insomnia, irritability and anger. This pattern responds quickly to acupuncture treatments.

Blood Stagnation PMS
It is common to have pain prior and during menstruation with the pattern. The interplay of hormones is out of balance and this causes pain.  The treatment principle for this pattern is to move blood or increase circulation to relieve pain and balance the hormone levels.

Energy or Blood Deficiency PMS
Symptoms of this pattern include fatigue, light period or short period, patient maybe anemic, thin body type, low body fat, recent surgery, extended use of birth control. The treatment modality most frequently used to treat this condition is to build energy and blood.

Dampness PMS
This type of PMS presents with damp symptoms. Damp symptoms include a feeling of being heavy, recent weight gain, ache, vaginal discharge, fatigue, irritability, painful period or irregular period.
Symptoms of this condition can include cold symptoms, heat symptoms, and sometimes alternating hot and cold symptoms. Other symptoms might include depression, fatigue, insomnia, back pain, knee pain, hot hands and feet, and sweating.

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