On February 19, 2018 we became an evidence based health care office.  Our providers use advanced charting software to evaluate patient progress and improve patient care.  Case studies will be posted on this page.  All results displayed are linked to reproducible charts protected by law.

Headaches  (5/21/–2018)
This particular patient is being treated for headaches, neck pain and infertility.  After about 6 visits the patient reported an 85% improvement in her headaches but no improvement in her neck pain. This patient has gone from 7-10 headaches a week to 1 or 2 per week since treatment began.







Neck Pain due to  Degenerative Disc Disease (4/9/2018)
This patient  complained of neck pain with radiating pain into the little finger. As you can see from the graph this patient had a 100% reduction in pain after a single treatment.  It’s great when  a patient responds so quickly but most patients with this condition require more treatment to see this level of improvement.






Headaches (3/31/2018)
This patient came for acupuncture for the treatment headaches caused by neck pain.  Within in 3 visits this patient reported no headaches and no neck pain.







Back Pain (3/18/2018)
This patient was treated for back pain with acupuncture.  The patient reported a pain level of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is the most pain and 0 is no pain).  As you can see this patient reported having a decrease in pain after the first visit and no pain or disruption of sleep by the third date of service.






Post Nasal Drip / Sinus Infection (3/12/2018)
This patient had a severe case of post nasal drip with possible sinus infection.  The patient used acupuncture in the past to treat her/his sinuses.  The patient reported a 90 percent improvement in her/his condition after 3 visits and scheduled a follow up appointment.






Knee Pain (3/12/2018)
This patient had a traumatic injury to the knee and will require 2-3 months of treatment.  The knee was swollen and painful at the start of treatment.  This patient reported an 80% improvement in swelling and pain after 3 visits.






Back Pain, Headaches and Tinnitus Case Study (2/21/2018).
This patient was treated for three conditions.  Two of the three conditions showed 100% improvement with the third condition not responding to treatment.  The dates with no colored bar indicates 0 pain at time of visit.

Graph 1 Scale Questions






Graph 2 Percentage Questions






Back Pain (2/19/18)
This patient received 3 acupuncture treatments with 100% improvement in his/her condition.  This was our first graphed patient using BHS graphing software.